DIYs ♡

Fall: Easy Festive DIYs!

 A lot of people pass by our dorm so it's always nice to spread the Fall spirit. 
Here are some fun-spooky-nature-family-fun DIYs!


Autumn Jars! I just grabbed some fake Fall-colored leaves & placed them into some clear jars. It is simple & is great for putting supplies on your desk.
Signs of Fall! My mom got this at Walmart. I hung it outside my dorm door. It only took me about five minutes! I just drew some leaves with chalk & now I have a decorative sign on my door!
Fall Leaf Tree! I came up with this idea while trying to figure out what to do with some extra fake leaves. I grabbed a branch & taped it along the stand of the lamp. I also placed some leaves through the holes in the top of the lamp to make the "tree" look more full. 
Popsicle Stick Characters! I saw a similar idea online where they made the Scarecrow a magnet. I changed it up & made a Frankenstein & Ghost so that they could be hanged on twine. 
  1. I got some regular acrylic paint, scissors, & googly eyes. 
  2. I used twine & the Halloween pins to allow them to be hanged. 
Fall Wreaths + Decorative Pine Cones! I grabbed these at Walmart one day. Pumpkins were only about $3-5. Popsicle sticks and googly eyes were about $1. And I also got some Autumn-designed mesh. 
  1. I used foam poster board to cut out a circle & I wrapped mesh around it!
  2. Painting Pine Cones! I grabbed some pine cones in my front yard. (I recommend cleaning them) My sister and I painted them with of course paint, glitter and metallic spray paint!
  3. I spray painted some tiny acorns, pot-stickers & glued some nuts to my wreath. I put this one on the inside of our dorm door. 

This is the front door of my family's house. My mom actually made this wreath (she was inspired by Pinterest). I just love all the different colors & items.  

Spooky Decor! I got decorative clothespins. They are orange with black polka dots (Halloween-y:O booooo!). My mom had some extra twine. I grabbed extra pics & hung them up on our dorm window!
I also got some pine cones from my house & brought them to our dorm for decoration!
Hand Print Turkey w/Stickers! I had so many different ideas for decorating pumpkins. From Washi tape to glitter, decorating pumpkins is one of the most fun things to do in Fall. I carved pumpkins last year & it was a lot of work to preserve and carve the pumpkins. So I thought what would be something super simple and easy to make that also shows the festive spirit?

And so I decided to make a hand print turkey! I added some cute stickers & I'm done!
All you need is a few colors and a paint brush & you're set!

My family has a cabinet filled with tons of extra art supplies & I found these random holiday stickers! I put some on my desk & I think it's fun to look down and see the cute stickers.

P.S. Also,
We got pumpkin-smelling wax! It makes our whole room smell like Thanksgiving!
Look at these huge pine cones!
The two on the right are from a trip we took last year & they are huge! The far left pine cone is a normal sized pine cone I found in my front yard. I place a couple of the huge pine cones on my desk for decoration. 

Hope you liked these Fall DIYs!

4th of July DIY Treats

For dinner, we ate some kabobs & for dessert I made this American shaped flag out of fruits! 

My sister bought these Popsicle holders at Walmart putting fruits such as kiwis, blueberries, & strawberry pieces mixed with juice! We got an organic juice called Santa Cruz from Kroger for $1.00 + Coupon making them $.25 each (crazy!) w/Mango, Rasberry, Starwberry, & Lemonade flavors(Ah-Mazing)!

After about 2+ hours in the freezer, it's done! It was so juicy! The perfect combination! 

4th of July DIYs

I got two rolls of Washi tape at Walmart for 97 cents each!
Washi Tape Flags!
Cut a piece of Washi tape and wrap it around one of the ends of a Kabob Stick! Use some scissors to make them look like flags! You can also do this w/toothpicks & stick them into a fruit/appetizer plate!

My dad is going to grill some veggies & meats for tomorrow & these American themed decor adds to the holiday spirit!
I made extras so that I could have some for when I make fruit kabobs in the design of an American flag tomorrow! 
DIY Coasters!
I got some leftover clay I had (air dry) & shaped them into a circle! I've seen people use stamps to decorate & paint to decorate the coasters but I had lots of Washi tape to use up. So after letting them dry during the day, I used Washi tape to cover the tops. I grabbed some scrap material as a sort of felt for the bottoms! And Ta-Da! Done!

Washi Tape Nails

Use that leftover Washi tape to make some cool themed nails! (My little sis started freaking out cuz she thought I actually painted this?!) 

DIY Fun!

It's almost 4:40 p.m & I still haven't taken my math placement exam. What have I been doing this whole time??

(Umm well I can't tell you that I may or may not have been going on Pinterest & making more DIYs)

But if I was, I'd tell you DIYs are so much  fun & so inexpensive! Yesss!

I finished making this color melt in about 2 hours. 

For most people, this probably went by way quicker. I didn't have any super glue so I used tape to stick the crayons to the poster board. Not a good idea. They kept slipping off-making it a real pain to finish. 

My plan was to have morning Sun colors melt down one side while blue Sky colors melt down the other side. At the bottom, there'd be greens mixed with random colors to exhibit a grassy/nature feel. The problem I had was that I didn't have a full set of crayons. I picked up some random colors I found around the house so I used about 8 blue crayons & 5 yellow/orange crayons making the Sun colors not go very far down the board as the blues. 

Also using Brown was a horrible idea! As you can see, the brown overpowered all the greens making an ugly mixed dirt color!

But you know it's Art, so excluding what I just told you--it's open to interpretation--who knows it might have some complex meaning deep within it...? 

I also made this Pinterest DIY using a shoe box, gift wrap paper, scissors, & tape to keep my power strip cord wires neat! 


DIY time:


Check out my previous blog post for some other DIY fun!

Summer Boredom: DIYs

I've been putting off taking my Math Placement Exam for college--which is due in a week. It's over Pre-Cal which you would think would be easy considering I already took Calculus---but knowing me it's not. But other than that, I've been catching up on TV shows which was put off bc: 1. My dad won't give me the netflix password 2. I found out one of the main characters in the show I'm watching is going to die. 

Hence, my boredom.

So today I was on Pinterest looking @ college dorm decorations when I decided to do some DIYs. 

By the way, DIYs are way harder than people make it seem! (At least for the skillfully challenged people like me)

Mason Jar DIYs are so addictive! Most of these are going to end up holding my toothbrush, makeup brushes, or art supplies in college.
•The first I made today is the one I cut out of scrapbook paper where it was taped into a mason jar (green).
•I made two jars where I cut out sheet music from my favorite orchestra pieces such as Fantasia by Vaughn Williams! After taping them, I grabbed some fake flowers and taped them around the top edges.

•I didn't have any rocks or sand so I filled  some hard dried corn pieces (mixed pieces b/t a reddish brown & yellow making it colorful) halfway while placing some fake flowers into the jar. 
•The blue patterned mason jar is actually gift wrap paper that I taped into it! I added a flower to the side for extra decoration!
•The jar on the very left is actually a DIY from Valentine's Day leftover where I used adhesive spray to glue sparkles into the jar which I filled with chocolate. Today, I added some scrap material with this pretty pink pattern & taped it onto the sparkly inside!

Cork Board for Dorm!
I've seen this so many times on Pinterest so I wanted to try it! They always mention Washi Tape-which is a decorative tape. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $3.99. 
The tape is really easy to cut making it easy to decorate with! The only problem I have with this is that the tape doesn't stick to the cork board very well. But that could also be because I messed up a lot. SHhhhhh...;)

At the end of the day, I ironically feel productive considering that this all started with my procrastination.