Dorm Tour + Moving into College!

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Dorm Tour Video

On the 20th, I moved into the University of Houston (UH)!  
My roommate is my sister. Our residence hall is Cougar Village 1.

I was actually really impressed by the campus. I've lived in Houston my whole life so UH didn't seem that exciting, but this first week has been so much fun!
My mom made these throw pillows to match Grace's bed spread! It's so cute!
Grace's shelves-she puts some frames & beauty products in little boxes!
Grace has like five makeup bags!? But anyways, she just put everyday things on the shelves on top of the dresser. We got some magazines to add some color to our room & they're perfect for when we are bored in our dorm. 
There was this giant mirror! This was probably my favorite part of my dorm. I've never had a full length mirror so this was pretty cool!
I put Washi tape on my shelves for decoration! I put some everyday hair accessories on the top with some textbooks & other daily objects. 
I put some mini-towels, headbands, Kleenex, magazines, and IPad on my bottom shelf. 
On top of my dresser, I placed my school notebooks, some more magazines, and planner. 
Here's my desk. My sister and I have matching cat mouse pads that I love so much. The chair came with the furniture in my dorm. I got a seat cushion to add more comfiness. I got my makeup organizer, lamp, DIY jars for my pencils, and of course more Kleenex (I sneeze so much like it's kind of crazyy). I also put a couple Time magazines out. I probably won't read them for a while because school is going to take up so much time! There is also a cabinet next to my desk where I put extra school supplies, more makeup, and RAMEN. I love ramen. 
We bought a microwave at Walmart for $50. We put our Keurig on top of an ottoman next to Grace's bed. I also added a couple magents I got in Colorado & Chicago. On top of our microwave, we placed some cups & mugs making it easy to get them!
Grace used her chalk paper that sticks onto the walls to decorate her wall. She put some of her goals & favorite quotes!
Our dorm came with a cabinet-drawer thing on each side. We just put snacks, vitamins, medicine, and other extra stuff inside and on top.
This is Grace's bed!
Behind our mirror closet on each side is where we can hang up our clothes. I put some flats & sneakers on top. I hung up some cardigans, PJs, and a couple dresses. I put my sneakers, flip flops, sandals, and bathroom shoes on the bottom near my laundry bag. I prefer to fold my clothes so I put most of my clothes inside the dresser.
Under our beds, we put random kitchen stuff like pots, pans, and other extra things. We also out our trash bin, suit cases, and boxes from the stuff we got to save room. 
In our fridge, we put some lean cuisine, protein drinks, eggs, some chestnuts, apples, water, and avacados. We also eat at the dining hall & other restaurant around campus which is ah-mazing!

Finished writing at 12:36 AM. Pretty Consistent. 

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  1. I can't wait to visit you guys!

    Monika | Snaps + Pixels

  2. oh i remember my student life and it was amazing time in my life:) great post and pictures, just enjoy this beautiful moments in life:):) Wana follow each otheron blogger, let me know:). Sugarlove blog

  3. Living in a dorm looks so much fun.

  4. Nice room! Hope you have a great time in college!