Cabelas & Barbecue

By 10:12 PM

Cabelas is kind of like Bass Pro Shop. It's a huge store filled with everything for outdoor fun. There was so much fishing equipment, hunting stuff, and camping gear. It kind of was also like an attraction as a store like Buc-ee's. 
They had games like this around the store. My dad gave me $10 to play which amounted to 40 tokens. The little children's parents next to us probably looked at me funny. You had to shoot the targets. I was straight up so bad.
They had Taxidermy. Everywhere. I can understand the interest and awe that goes into it. But to me, it's just kind of creepy. 
I feel like I probably only saw a fraction of the store but yeah---there was an aquarium. 

Cabelas was such a neat store. I wanted to buy pretty much everything.

After stopping by Buccees on our drive home, we saw tons of signs for a barbecue. Waller County Line BBQ. The place was packed but the wait was so worth it. I ate a turkey leg and it was ginormous. Heaven. 

We passed through a small town that I can't remember the name of & I saw this cow in the truck next to us. I love animals. 

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