Camping at Pedernales Falls State Park

By 9:56 PM

Pedernales Falls State Park is located in Johnson City near Austin, Texas.

A while ago, we had planned on going to Garner State Park again but the booking for the weekends was all packed. It's an amazing place to go camping. The water is so clear, and the hikes were great.
This was my family's second time camping in the hill country which I highly recommend going if you love to camp & hike! 
There was also a lot of swimming & fishing! (I love fishing. I caught a tiny sun fish once & I'm still proud. 

My parents used to live in Austin for six years. So it's always fun to hear all the stories my parents tell about all the fun restaurants and places to go around UT.
My dad took us outlet shopping in San Marcos. This was my first time shopping at major outlet stores & I loved the different brands & sales!!
There were so many wild animals near our campsite that I've never seen up close. Hogs, deer, bunnies, raccoons, and we even saw a fox!
On my 18th birthday, we also hiked to Twin Falls. It was sort of cool because I'm a twin & it happened to be National Twins Day & we were right next to the Twin Falls. 
We bought this packet called Mystical Fire for $1.50 which could be thrown into the campfire to make the flames change colors. Chemistry? or Magic? Def Magic yessss. 
Feat. a random paper plate in the fire. 

I should make a log of my blogs (gotta luv the rhymes) bc I'm writing this at midnight & my sleep is so out of whack.

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