High School vs. College?! The Good, Bad,...FOOD YUM!!

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I've been in college for a week now. Right off the back, here's what I noticed in the differences between high school & college!

•In High School, you don't pay!
•In College, you pay for Everything! (Books, lab supplies, school supplies, online access codes)
•In High School, you have friends that you've known for a long time,
•In College, you are pretty much forced to make new friends. (I legit have no desire to make new friends but that's probably just me)
•In High School, the food is the same, often repeated meals.
•In College, the food is really good (idk maybe it's just me!?)
•In High School, school spirit can be lame.
•In College, school spirit is Everything.
•In High School, your parents do everything.
•In College, you're on your own! (Idk I like doing my own laundry...)
•In High School, you have 7 classes a day!
•In College, you choose your classes! 
•In High School, classes start at 7/8 a.m.
•In College, classes start the latest depending on what you want! (Hallelujah!)
•In High School, you have classes with people your age.
•In College, you have classes with and meet people that are older & younger!

In public high schools, it's free for students (ehh taxes) & it's so easy to take that education for granted. High school was an amazing experience (though at times stressful bc of classes), and I'm thankful to have graduated from a great high school. 

In college, you pay thousands of dollars but you also get access to better food, gyms, events, sports, and you can meet so much more people! You try to get your money's worth in the classes you take!

This first week of college has been a blast with professors giving mostly introductory information & I really really don't want to actually start learning really intense stuff in my classes yet...

11:10 ;)

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  1. I agree!!! College is so much fun compared to high school!

    Monika | http://snapsnpixels.blogspot.com/

  2. your blog is adorable awww wow. thank you for your comment on my blog:) it made me smile. you're so sweet. I gave you a follow;)

  3. Good comparison of college and high school :)
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  4. I know the feeling! School started for me last week, and I've been having a blast. All of my college professors are really nice, but I'm a little scared to get into the intense stuff this semester too... I was homeschooled, so I don't really know the difference, but one thing I know for sure is, college is awesome! Good luck to you, and your blog is sweet! Thanks for commenting over at my blog. (-:


  5. Its so true college and high school are like two different dimension :)) well for me any ways :) followed you on gfc hope you for back <3

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  6. A lot of information! :)
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  7. congrats and best wishes on your studies
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  8. Nice sharing!

  9. Great post! Everything is so true! I thought the food was better in college too. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too now on gfc. Let's keep in touch!


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  11. Good luck on college :)

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  12. Cool post! Loved the flow and super easy to read through. I move and start this Friday and I'm so nervous! Hope everything goes well for you when classes start! :)

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I would love to follow each other! Follow me and I'll get you right back :)

    Catherine xx

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  15. I've also just started college and I agree with all of this--I love it so much! Followed :)

  16. Great post:)

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  17. Really nice post...God luck on college.❤

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