Shopping? Style? College AHH!

By 3:46 PM

Today I went shopping with my Grandma. She's not rich or anything, but she definitely has a great taste for fashion. (Apparently she's never been in a dollar store!?!) 

She gave us some cash to use for future college stuff, but she wanted to buy us a gift too. As we were shopping, my dad was saying how he remembered shopping for our clothes at Aeropostale in middle school. We used to wear Aeropostale t-shirts with a jacket, skinny jeans, and converse/vans/sperrys. Oh and headbands were popular then too. And straightening your hair was a must!

I wouldn't say I have a fashion sense/style but whatever I have, it has certainly improved over the years. I'm really into bows, scarves, and cute skirts now. I kind of can't wait for college though. I visited UH earlier in the year, and everybody wore t-shirts and plain clothes. My kind of life. 

From sneakers to actually wearing high heels and not tripping, it's been cool to look back on my so-called Style. (Can we get some Taylor Swift on now? Sort of obsessed with her) I digress. 

So as I get ready for college, let's see some things that caught me eye.
My sister got these shoes for Graduation. They aren't too tall so they're perfect for not tripping across the stage!

I got these Coach flats and Steve Madden sunglasses. Honestly, my sister and I got these sunglasses so that we could wear them while blaring music in our car. Good reason to buy? I think so;)

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