How You Don't Want to Organize for College

By 4:08 PM

I looked around my house today thinking of all the things that I wanted to bring with me to my dorm next school year. But what really stood out to me was all the things that I definitely did not want to take. For example, Messes.

I've had this jewelry box since middle school. The top box can come off so that you can store things underneath. Not a good idea. There is no place to put necklaces or bracelets to hang so they end up just being a tangled mess. I don't have a makeup organizer so I just try to put them in random places to find later. You would think that these messes are due to my own laziness which is only partly true. If you have the right organizer, being neat would come easier leading to less messes.
My mom got me this plastic bin from Walmart for the very purpose of organizing my makeup. A month later, it looked like this. Brushes. eyeliners, mascara, and lip products look neater and stay cleaner when put upright. Try to find a makeup organizer with different compartments that can separate the different products.
Tangled Headphones. The worst. Keep your headphones in one place. If you bring them around everywhere, they end up tangled and in knots. Get into the habit of rolling them up or consistently placing them in spots so they'll be ready for use. 

Beware the photos below!

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