Dyeing Your Hair

By 11:20 PM

How old should you be when you dye your hair? 

16-17? 18+?

Does it depend on the color?  I'd say 16-early 20s would be the age range for non-natural colors (blue, red, purple, green). In your 20s+, your style will probably mature & so will most people's taste in hair color.  

I remember in 5th grade, my friend got blonde highlights in her brown hair.  She was maybe 10 or 11 years old. I couldn't believe her parents let her, and I thought it looked horrible. 

It's a crazy thought because I recently graduated high school Hallelujah! I really wanted to do something different and celebratory. Dyeing my hair seemed crazy?!? But I actually did it! 

I'm glad I grew out my hair so that if I get tired of the dye, I can just cut off the ends! 

I got this Splat dye at Walgreens for 11.99 & it worked so well! It included hair bleach w/pink & purple dye. (I just used the pink)

The whole process took about 2 hours (1hr-bleach, 1hr-dye)

I'm definitely not one of those kind of people that you see in school that constantly dye their hair & have piercings all over their body. Most people believe it's a phase where teens try to rebel. And it probably is true for a lot of kids. 

It was my first time & I chose pink because it's just simply a fun color. I'm 17 years old, it's summer, & I don't have work or school. And I just graduated! Of course my hair dye is only temporary. But could I ask for a better time?

Dyeing your hair is certainly something where thought should be put into. It's a reflection to others of what kind of person you are. Some people just do it for fashion. But it can also show to others about your maturity. Natural colors are always best if you're looking for a change. Crazy colors are fun for the sun! (Basically my motto for temporarily dyeing my hair for this Summer) So choose wisely about your hair color!

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