Summer Boredom: DIYs

By 11:22 PM

I've been putting off taking my Math Placement Exam for college--which is due in a week. It's over Pre-Cal which you would think would be easy considering I already took Calculus---but knowing me it's not. But other than that, I've been catching up on TV shows which was put off bc: 1. My dad won't give me the netflix password 2. I found out one of the main characters in the show I'm watching is going to die. 

Hence, my boredom.

So today I was on Pinterest looking @ college dorm decorations when I decided to do some DIYs. 

By the way, DIYs are way harder than people make it seem! (At least for the skillfully challenged people like me)

Mason Jar DIYs are so addictive! Most of these are going to end up holding my toothbrush, makeup brushes, or art supplies in college.
•The first I made today is the one I cut out of scrapbook paper where it was taped into a mason jar (green).
•I made two jars where I cut out sheet music from my favorite orchestra pieces such as Fantasia by Vaughn Williams! After taping them, I grabbed some fake flowers and taped them around the top edges.

•I didn't have any rocks or sand so I filled  some hard dried corn pieces (mixed pieces b/t a reddish brown & yellow making it colorful) halfway while placing some fake flowers into the jar. 
•The blue patterned mason jar is actually gift wrap paper that I taped into it! I added a flower to the side for extra decoration!
•The jar on the very left is actually a DIY from Valentine's Day leftover where I used adhesive spray to glue sparkles into the jar which I filled with chocolate. Today, I added some scrap material with this pretty pink pattern & taped it onto the sparkly inside!

Cork Board for Dorm!
I've seen this so many times on Pinterest so I wanted to try it! They always mention Washi Tape-which is a decorative tape. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $3.99. 
The tape is really easy to cut making it easy to decorate with! The only problem I have with this is that the tape doesn't stick to the cork board very well. But that could also be because I messed up a lot. SHhhhhh...;)

At the end of the day, I ironically feel productive considering that this all started with my procrastination. 

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