Fun Facts!

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Here's 10 Fun Facts About Me

I say these are "fun" mostly because I like to laugh at my randomness. But I hope you enjoy this post!

1. During the summer of 2014, I took a random one day Sushi Class with my friends at the nearby library. 

2.  In 5th grade, I was expecting to get Most Likely to be an Author for my 5th grade superlatives but I got "Connect-4 Champion".

3. My sisters and I have had a total of 10 dogs, 11 cats, 2 crabs, 2 turtles, 4 parakeets, & way too many fishes. 

4. I helped raise around 5 litters of kittens & one of my cats gave birth under my bed.

5. I've quit a lot of things (Soccer, Taekwondo lessons, Tennis team, Ballet lessons, Cheerleading lessons, Gymnastics lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, art lessons, viola lessons) 

6. I've played the the viola for over 7 years & the only song I know from memory is Twinkle Twinkle. 

7. The monkey bars & pogo sticks were my favorite things to do in elementary school 

8. My favorite emoji sign is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bc that pretty much sums up how I feel on most things

9. I learned the ASL alphabet in 7th grade so I could talk with friends across the room in orchestra 

10. My twin sister and I were put in ESL (English as 2nd language) in elementary school because we were so quiet that they thought we didn't speak English?!? 

Update: We got a 12th cat on 7/28/15. We found him at East End Park & named it East. :)

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