Random Photo Fun!

By 6:14 PM

I'll probably look back on these regretting the filters and mirror selfies. But I also took some random photos today at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston with my phone and had an amazing time! They aren't the best quality but sometimes enjoying the moment counts for so much more than some quality photos. 

I haven't touched my camera since my graduation day so I felt like I should practice with it more. But in the end, I just ended up taking selfies in front of the mirror. Stupid, but it was fun to pretend like I was some kind of photographer-model person!

My favorites I saw today at the MFAH were by Claude Monet & Pablo Picasso.

Random post. And my awful grammar in this post actually makes me cringe a little. But taking some photos of the small things I enjoy was really fun & I had an awesome time!

Update: I got a 96 on my math placement exam. Feelin Productive. 

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