DIY Procrastination

By 2:38 PM

It's almost 4:40 p.m & I still haven't taken my math placement exam. What have I been doing this whole time??

(Umm well I can't tell you that I may or may not have been going on Pinterest & making more DIYs)

But if I was, I'd tell you DIYs are so much  fun & so inexpensive! Yesss!

I finished making this color melt in about 2 hours. 

For most people, this probably went by way quicker. I didn't have any super glue so I used tape to stick the crayons to the poster board. Not a good idea. They kept slipping off-making it a real pain to finish. 

My plan was to have morning Sun colors melt down one side while blue Sky colors melt down the other side. At the bottom, there'd be greens mixed with random colors to exhibit a grassy/nature feel. The problem I had was that I didn't have a full set of crayons. I picked up some random colors I found around the house so I used about 8 blue crayons & 5 yellow/orange crayons making the Sun colors not go very far down the board as the blues. 

Also using Brown was a horrible idea! As you can see, the brown overpowered all the greens making an ugly mixed dirt color!

But you know it's Art, so excluding what I just told you--it's open to interpretation--who knows it might have some complex meaning deep within it...? 

I also made this Pinterest DIY using a shoe box, gift wrap paper, scissors, & tape to keep my power strip cord wires neat! 


DIY time:


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