4th of July DIYs!

By 4:38 PM

I got two rolls of Washi tape at Walmart for 97 cents each!
Washi Tape Flags!
Cut a piece of Washi tape and wrap it around one of the ends of a Kabob Stick! Use some scissors to make them look like flags! You can also do this w/toothpicks & stick them into a fruit/appetizer plate!

My dad is going to grill some veggies & meats for tomorrow & these American themed decor adds to the holiday spirit!
I made extras so that I could have some for when I make fruit kabobs in the design of an American flag tomorrow! 
DIY Coasters!
I got some leftover clay I had (air dry) & shaped them into a circle! I've seen people use stamps to decorate & paint to decorate the coasters but I had lots of Washi tape to use up. So after letting them dry during the day, I used Washi tape to cover the tops. I grabbed some scrap material as a sort of felt for the bottoms! And Ta-Da! Done!

Washi Tape Nails

Use that leftover Washi tape to make some cool themed nails! (My little sis started freaking out cuz she thought I actually painted this?!) 

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