Blue Moon + Family Fun!

By 9:22 PM

I was taking photos of the "blue moon" tonight. It was my first time taking photos of the moon! I only had about 10 minutes to take some quick pics but it was so worth it! 
F/9, ISO 100, @250mm, 1/125 shutter speed
Tonight is special because there's a "blue moon" out. It's the second full moon to occur this month. Although it is not actually blue, it only appears every 2 & 1/2 years. Ever wonder where the phrase "Once in a blue moon" comes from?
F/9, ISO 100, @250mm, 1/125 shutter speed
There wasn't enough light on the trees below the moon from my view. But in person, the moon was just so bright & ah-mmazing!!

Earlier, my family went walking together at my old middle school. (It's always fun to reminisce the torturous days of P.E.) (Haha just kidding.....) It's actually kind of crazy though because I am about to move into college in a few weeks! Omg.

My sisters and I decided to buy Misift Flashes for ourselves (about $30).

My family has been doing night walks as a sort of hobby for the family to do altogether & it feels great! It definitely makes me feel a lot more accomplished after excercising with my family :)

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