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By 6:41 PM

Last Friday, the Supreme Court made a ruling in favor of gay marriage making it legal across the country. 

I decided to post this blog because it seems like such a new & at the same time historical happening. So here was some of my thoughts from last week. 

Every day I usually scroll through Yahoo News (I actually really dislike Yahoo because some of articles are just full of celebrity gossip & non-essential news). That morning I clicked on Yahoo & the news of the Supreme Court decision showed up. Anyways, I was honestly surprised. Last semester, my government teacher told us that the Supreme Court would be making a decision, but it didn't seem real. I know many people think this has been a decision that has taken way too long. It seems like it took forever for 30-something states to legalize gay marriage & then in this one decision all 50 states are legalized. 

Maybe since the 6th grade or a little before, my dad has been saying "You're going to see so many changes happening" involving gay marriage. Give or take about 7 years, and it's here. 

June 26 was flooded with lots of news articles, snapchat filters with rainbows, and tons of Twitter rants.

Also, I took this photo on that day of this "groovy" or funky car I saw on a street downtown. 

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