Getting Ready for College

By 9:35 PM

Here are some of my top things that I would definitely want to bring with me to college! 

Water Pitchers with Filters. Pour in your tap water and you'll be set!

Water Bottles. These are great for college because buying a giant pack of plastic water bottles will definitely be a pain taking up to your dorm. Refill your water bottle and you're good to go!

Timberland Boots. These are stylish, and water literally slips off the material. And they are great for rainy days!

Humidifiers. You don't want to make up with a dry throat so a humidifer will come in handy for all that dry air. 

A Portable Fan or Heater. These are perfect because most colleges don't let you control your dorm's thermostat. 

Beats. You don't necessarily need to get Beats but a nice pair of headphones will be great for excerising, walking in between classes, or just hanging out.

Rugs. The floors of dorm rooms are usually hard floors and don't have any mats. So make sure to get a cute rug or mat to put under your desk or near your bed! W

Laptop. You'll probably be walking or biking around campus to different classes so I suggest bringing a laptop that is thin and portable. Also keep in mind when shopping for a laptop to pick one that is capable of doing the programs that you need for your specific majors.

Makeup Storage. When picking a makeup storage, go for ones with easy access that'll still keep you organized!

Detergent Pods. In college, we'll be doing our own laundry so these pods will definitely come in handy. Just throw them in and you're done! Bringing a bottle of detergent every time you need to do laundry can become messy and tiring. 

Umbrella. You are going to be walking around classes and around campus so I would carry this around at all times in a backpack or bag!

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