Top Youtubers for Humor + Vlogs

By 1:57 AM

1. Connor Franta

His videos are full of positivity and humor. If you're ever looking for a laugh, make sure to check out his channel!

Click here for Connor Franta's Channel

2. Joey Graceffa

His videos are hilarious! If you've ever watched his Draw My Life video, it will make you fall in love with his crazy funny personality. 

Click here for Joey Graceffa's Channel

3. ThatcherJoe

Joe Sugg, also Zoella's brother, is another hilarious youtuber. I haven't watched as much videos as Connor Franta's, but he is definitely in my top three choices. 

Click here for ThatcherJoe's Channel

4. Tyler Oakley

I don't watch much of his videos, but his collaborations are great. One of my favorites is with another youtuber Troye Sivan. 

Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan Collaboration Click Here

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