Graduation Gift Ideas

By 9:35 PM

Having trouble picking out a grad gift? I've got some ideas! For me, the best gifts are the ones that I use often or have sentimental value. Here are some of my top picks:

1. Engraved & Personalized Gifts. Mugs, Picture Frames, and even Pens! Describe a happy memory or something meaningful that they'll be able to look back on. 
2. Laptop. This will be perfect because you know it'll be put to good use in college! 
3. Jewelry or Watches. Watches will be a must for taking college exams! One of my favorite pieces of jewelry are charm bracelets. Tiffany and Co. has some pieces that I know are every girl's dream!
4. Camera. Not only is this a gift that they'll use often, but your grad can capture all their fun moments when they're off to new places after high school. 
5. Concert Tickets To Their Favorite Artist. I know this is something that I'll want! With Summer starting, there will be tons of concerts from classical to rock. And don't forget if your grad is into sports, tickets to see the game of their favorite team would be a great gift to celebrate the end of high school!
6. Family Trip. Whether it's going to the beach or visiting a national landmark, find a destination that you know your grad will love and relax!
7. College Shopping. Let your grad go crazy at IKEA or pick out some of their must-haves fo college. A coffee maker, bed spreads, or furniture are just a few of the college room things that your grad might want. 

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