Spontaneous Trip to Galveston

By 8:51 AM

Galveston is mostly known for its brown water and muddy sand. But it also can be beautiful. 

Leaving the hotel room window open all night, we were able to listen to the sound of the waves all night.

We came out today at 7:00 and saw the sunrise. 
Normally, I don't like the beach because sand gets everywhere. We've taken trips to Galveston pretty much throughout my life so boogie boarding, and the sand castles got kind of old. 

We came down here for the weekend to relax so we walked on the beach and dipped our feet in the water.

We set up a spot with an umbrella around 9:00. The wind and sunlight were perfect for kites and sitting on the beach. I think the best part about the beach is closing your eyes and listening to the waves. With the morning sun, the cold water was perfectly refreshing.

We went biking that held four people for $25 an hour. It was fun to ride along the sea wall and look at the waves to the side. 
On the way, we had snow cones!(Rainbow is my favorite!)
We also went to Ben and Jerrys after the bike ride. 
It was a refreshing couple of days!

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