Peek into UH

By 6:15 PM

Hi guys! Today I'm visiting the University of Houston campus! I'm planning on going here for my freshmen year of college and there seems to be tons of different things to do here. It's been wet and rainy so if you plan on visiting, I suggest bringing a good pair of rain boots! So far, I've seen the Student Center, the Cougar Woods Cafeteria and the Calhoun Lofts where my older sister is rooming.

The Student Center has an arcade and some fast food places which is pretty satisfactory. I wish there was some better food options but it seems like a great place to get a quick bite and talk with friends. I just peeked into the arcade but it definitely looked fun! From what I saw, there was bowling, arcade games, ping pong, and pool! There's probably a lot more that I need to see so that's something I'll look forward to! 

The Cougar Woods Cafeteria had a lot of different foods offered there than the food court at the student center but the location is a good walk from the dorms. There's breakfast foods, desserts such as ice cream, pizza, sodas, juices, coffee, and some more. It was pretty much typical cafeteria foods. I wouldn't say the food was particularly good but one of the best parts of the cafeteria though was that it was "all you can eat" which is a definite plus! My sister said there's a lot of better restaurants off campus too.  

I know I've only seen a fraction of the things offered on the campus but this peek into where I'll be attending school next year has definitely been a positive one. Now I'm off to explore some more!

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