Houston Rodeo Review

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I visited the Houston Rodeo yesterday! I actually just got home (12:30 AM) after tons of traffic. Also, if you parked in the yellow lot don't take the shuttle back after the concert because walking will be faster! 

Anyways, we arrived at the Rodeo at about 3:00. My friend, Ryan, jokingly said how this could be "Our Home" when first walking into the carnival. The petting zoo was definitely one of the most fun parts of the carnival (at least for me). It was free but you could pay to feed the animals. Some people didn't like the petting zoo because some animals kept trying eat their clothing. Many of the larger animals like llamas and bigger goats tried to follow us, put their legs on us, and grab the food from our hands. 
Also Watch out for the deer! They seriously started chewing our jackets and shirts. 

There was a ton of attractions including pig races and milking (fake) cows. I was also surprised at the amount of rides they had. There was a mini roller coaster, bungee jumping, and all those prize games. One of the downsides was that the costs for tickets was $5 for 10 tickets, $10 for 20 tickets and so on. Most of the rides we went on were around 10 tickets. The bigger rides were about 10-14 tickets. So you pretty much have to buy tickets for each individual ride. There was also a mechanical bull that you could go on and camel rides that looked really fun. We didn't want to spend too much money so we didn't go on those, but it's definitely something I'll do next time. 

So guys think twice about taking a girl on a date here because it's going to cost you.

The turkey legs at the food places were huge! They cost about $13, but we shared 1 of them between three people! Another place to stop by is where they sell fried cookie dough. It tastes just as good as it sounds. I thought it would be like actual hard cookie dough with a fried outside (if that makes any sense), but it was actually more like melted cookie dough inside a fried outering with powdered sugar on top. So if you go the carnival, make sure to stop by those!

At about 6:45 is when they started doing the competitions in the stadium. There were bull riders, bareback horse riders, and a bunch more that I didn't really pay attention to. It was pretty lengthy, and the concert didn't start till about 9:10 (so we kind of got impatient). One of the best parts by far was watching people try to catch loose calves! These were all teenage looking girls and boys running and wrangling in the baby cows!

The Tim McGraw concert was amazing! I was shocked at first because there was fireworks that began the show! He went off stage and greeted fans as he sang which made me totally love him. However, Tim McGraw's concert felt pretty short compared to other concerts that I've been to. I am not a big Tim McGraw fan but he sounds amazing live! There wasn't a lot of people standing in the crowd and singing along during the concert (at least from where we were sitting). Overall, the rodeo and carnival were fantastic! It's a great place to take the family. And if you're ever visiting Houston or going on Spring Break in March, the Rodeo is definitely somewhere to stop by!

Personally, the amount of skill and work that goes into these shows amazes me. It is entertaining to see people scramble to catch a calf. Like zoos, they exhibit animals that attract the attention of people. However, I do believe animals shouldn't be subject to harsh treatment for the sake of show and should not be put in any pain even for the pleasures of human entertainment.

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  1. My friend used to live in Houston! I've always wanted to go to a rodeo, this post was a lot of fun! :)